python3 Dictionary Ditctionary Tree documentation


ddtree provides an easy syntax to read nearly any tsv tab separated value file and ddtree json files into a python dictionary of dictionary construct. ddtree owns some further commands to write ddtree objects into json files or panda dataframe, R dataframe and excel compatible tsv flat files. namely this commands are: tsv_read, tsv_write, json_read, json_write and jsonxray_write.

in addition has ddtree a simple set of commands to manipulate the tree structure. those are: get, put, rename, delete, twigpop, leaf0k and xray. basic command attributes are consequently set by set commands (set_ifile, set_ofile, set_png, set_ddtree, set_bark, set_leaf, set_verbose and set_developer).

for freaks who prefer trees over dataframes provides the calx library additionally a growing number of mathematic and plot functions which work directly and automatically on the leaf layer of the ddtree construct. however, the aim is not to be better then pandas and seaborn. the aim is to be complementary. it turns out that ddtree is quit magnificent to write bioinformatics analysis pipelines.


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